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We’re Getting Old.

Last week I mentioned I wanted to step away from relationship talk for a bit and focus on a new topic so, for the next few weeks I want to talk about some things you guys have been asking about and something I think we all need to be focusing on a little more. I’m assuming our generation will probably experience more mental and physical health problems than any other has before us because we all work from a computer or a desk, food is becoming more and more processed, plus we are all too broke to want to focus on anything other than bills. Self-care can be a bit more pricey and most of us feel we have bigger problems to focus on like the fact that many of us are in our mid to late 20s and still getting some form of help from family members to be able to survive. Or if you’re completely on your own, you probably have two jobs or multiple side hustles along with next to no savings and no hope of buying a house in the near future. Not that I would know anything about those. I’m internet famous so, that means all my bills get magically paid by the influencer fairy and my bank also just adds money to my account whenever I tell them to. So yeah, uh, I’m just as broke as everyone reading this. Or if you somehow made it out ahead of everyone else because you knew what you wanted to do at 16 and went straight into it as soon as you graduated high school, then good for you Karen. The rest of us blew all of our parents money and/or racked up our student debts changing our majors 5 different times because we hadn’t actually experienced anything at 18 and had no idea what the world had to offer or who we even were to make such a life determining decision. Anyways, that was just a really long way of saying we’re in this together and I’m not going to be unrealistic in these next few posts. We want to care about self-care, but at the same time we feel guilty for doing so because we feel like we should be spending our money elsewhere. While I agree I don’t think you need to run out and buy bath bombs and a pedicure if you’re already struggling to get by, but I do think it’s a good idea to stay on top of your physical activity and possibly rethink your eating habits if you’re someone who isn’t very conscious of either, but also can’t afford health insurance. Sometimes you don’t even have to spend extra money, you just need to switch things up. The subjects I’ve received the most questions about are skincare for all ages, genders, and skin types, hair care, natural/holistic remedies and treatments, as well as how I lost weight after my divorce and how I’m continuing to steer my life in a healthier, but doable direction so, we’ll say the general topic is health. I figured it would be best to do all of these back to back in case a few things overlap. That should help you retain the information a little bit better so it doesn’t feel like a compete overload. Please do remember, I am no health expert in any way shape or form and you may not agree with some of the things I say, but I am someone who has spent the majority of my life researching and trying every diet, workout routine, acne, and now anti-aging product known to man with very little to no success, so I know what it’s like to just want to be able to find real solutions to everyday problems. I am also still a licensed aesthetician and even though I’m not currently using my license, I didn’t forget what I learned. Skin care was something I tried to study thoroughly because it was something I, myself, wanted the answers to. Though I do not have any kind of licensing or credentials nutrition wise, a lot of what is happening with the skin is a direct reflection of what’s going on inside the body so, internal health was a big part of learning about skin care as well as learning about the endocrine system and how drastically hormones can effect basically everything in the body. Most people don’t realize it, but there’s a lot more to aesthetics than just learning how to give people facials. I am also someone who believes in trying natural and holistic approaches to help heal minor and/or chronic health concerns first before turning to supplements or prescription medicine so, I won’t be forcing any pills or shakes or protein powders down your throat. I struggled with eating disorders for years and I dated a body builder on and off so, I know the extremes people are willing to go to, to achieve the look they want and the strange relationship with food that may come along with that. This means I also know that someone looking like they are in shape doesn’t necessarily mean they are healthy. Then there was one point in my 20s when I was obsessed with working out and was trying to get certified to be a personal trainer so, basically I’ve just done a lot of my own independent research on these subjects and I tend to do an okay job of retaining information. Most of what I’m going to talk about is common knowledge though, it’s just that it’s the common knowledge that people don’t want to acknowledge because they want instant results instead of having to do the work it takes to get lasting results. It’s why there are so many different diets/nutrition plans out there that are all equally as terrible for you, but are still incredibly popular and successful business wise. People will believe anything they see on the internet or TV that claims it will help them lose weight or get in shape without them having to put forth the effort to actually do so. I’m not endorsed by any nutrition companies or product lines and I don’t have any products or treatments of my own I’m trying to promote so, I won’t be trying to push anyone to buy products I don’t believe in just so I can make money. Everything I write about will strictly be for educational purposes in hopes of helping those that read the post. No one is sending me anything for free, either. I paid for all of the products myself to test out so, I will be giving completely honest reviews about everything I mention. I also don’t believe in fad diets or MLM nutrition and/or skincare lines so, you won’t find any of that garbage here either. I just don’t believe in quick fixes. I prefer to work towards permanent solutions. Because of this, I’m probably going to be telling you everything you’ve been told not to believe in. That or I’m going to tell you exactly what you’ve been told your entire life. Either way, I can at least guarantee that the information I will be giving will be completely unbiased and based off my findings from my own personal use and/or research. I want to start this off with a pretty general and broad post and then get more specific as we go along, so for today’s post I want to talk about the 5 things you’ve been told your entire life that you need to do, that you’re not doing, that you need to start doing. 

  1. Being consistent.
    • You can’t expect instant results and you can’t expect results to stay if you do not work towards maintaining them. Working towards a healthier lifestyle is something you have to practice everyday. You can’t just get to a point and say “okay I feel good, I think I’ll stop now.” The moment you stop, so does your body. Your body can only fuel itself with what you put into it. Keep putting work into it. Everyday.
  2. Drinking water.
    • People kill me with this one. Mmkay, you don’t get to get mad at people for suggesting your drink more water if you only drank a full 64oz of water for 3 days in a row and felt bloated so you stopped on day 4 and went right back to 3 Starbucks drinks a day and didn’t notice an instant difference in your overall complexion so “it must not work.” That is your defense mechanism for knowing good and damn well you don’t have the will power to do it because it’s not about drinking more water, it’s about drinking ENOUGH water. You aren’t going to get the desired results you’re after just by drinking more water than you normally do. I mean that will help, but it’s not going to give you the same results as drinking the proper amount of water your body needs each day. I know because I’m guilty of it myself. i even bought a 64oz water bottle that I try to drink everyday, but I almost never finish it or even get half way through, but I do know having it around does make me drink more water than I typically would, so at least that’s a start. I just try to remind myself that drinking water not only flushes out your system, but fills out your dehydrated skin, making fine lines and wrinkles appear less noticeable as well as making your lips appear fuller so that’s usually a good motivator.
  3. Practicing proper nutrition and getting plenty of physical activity to stay healthy. 
    • I’ll go further into actual food and fitness later, but for now opt for less processed foods as well as fewer fast food meals and more fruits and vegetables, If you drink more than one cup of coffee per day, try to switch at least one cup to an herbal tea, and drink water obviously. You also don’t have to step foot in a gym to stay active and you don’t even have to do those lame at-home work out videos. Just get up and move around. I can be in the middle of laundry when a certain song comes on and the next thing I know, I’m twerking in front of my mirror until my legs are weak. You don’t have to do 3 sets of 15 for something to be considered exercise. Just get off your butt and move your body around.
  4. Find a balance between modern and ancient medicines.
    • Don’t immediately run to the doctor for every little ailment that you have. See if it’s something you can treat naturally, but also know when something needs professional attention. While yes, big pharma can be difficult to trust, there is no denying that many prescription medications have their place in the world. Just try to find a good happy medium with the two.
  5. There is no fix-all miracle cure to anything.
    • Stop buying into the gimmicks and selling tactics. You’re a human being, you’re not perfect and no pill or powder is going to change that. At least not in this lifetime I’m assuming. If you want to make changes in your life, all you have to do is be willing to do so and to be ready to do it with patience. Stop obsessing over whether or not something is working and just do it with the mindset that it will work as long as you are consistent with it. Then you’ll forget about worrying about the results and you’ll focus more on it becoming a habit or routine to where you aren’t constantly reminding yourself to do the same things. The results will come with time, but you still can’t expect something major. Having to stimulate, build, or rebuild things lost in our bodies can be a lot of work, especially if we have done a fair share of damage to it, so we can’t get angry if the results aren’t happening as quickly as we would like. Especially because most of what we’ll be discussing isn’t going to be for curing what you already, it will just be about preventative measures. We don’t get to have everything our way. We get to take what the world gives us and work with that. Know it’s probably going to take a combination of things to keep yourself healthy as well, it’s not just going to be one small change that will fix everything.

Like I said, these are probably 5 things you already knew, but I wanted to reiterate the importance of them so you can understand you won’t be able to move forward unless you start applying these 5 things to your life.

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