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All of the following are pieces of my own writing.

Art is in the arch of a woman’s back

“The sun and the moon

are nothing more than a sad lust story.

The moon spends her life chasing the sun

and when he finally gives her the time of day,

it is only for the night.”

Cover me.

Consume me.

Even if it is just for a night,

devour me.

“She may rise with the sun,

but she waits for the moon’s return

to come alive.”

She is your laughter

she is your lust

she is your life

and she will ruin you

in the best way possible.”

“When the heart and the mind agree is when you will know true clarity.”

Addiction is you mind telling you to stop while your body ignores it.”

“A wolf mates for life.

So just remember,

I fell in love with the moon, first.”

“There will always be something better out there than unhappy.”

He was not my king,

but for a night I would be his queen,

so I mounted my throne

and began to rule my kingdom.”

Blocking my demons, one number at a time.

She doesn’t live here anymore.”

People tell you, you can be whatever you want to be.

Until you actually start being who you want to be.

Then they just tell you you’re crazy.”

I wish the best for my past,

but I cannot wait to spend eternity with my future.”

“When you no longer fear death, you no longer fear life.”

The night is a selfish mistress.

She can bring you the happiest of dreams

or the worst of nightmares,

but no matter which she chooses,

we always return to her.”

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